# 5041 Cen-Tex Roper Ration        


                    A Finisher Ration for Calves

For increased  feed efficiency, increased  rate of  gain  and  reduction of

incidence and severity of liver abscesses.

                                  Active Drug Ingredient

LASALOSID (As Lasalocid Sodium)                         68 g/ton

CHLORTETRACYCLINE                                   200 g/ton

CAUTION:  The  safety  of  Lasalocid  in approved species  has  not been

established.  Do  not  allow  horses  or   other  equines  access  to   feed

containing Lasalocid as ingestion can be fatal.

WARNING:   A  withdrawal  period  has  not  been  established   for  this

product  in  pre-ruminant cattle. Do not  feed to  calves  to be  processed

for veal

                     GUARANTEED ANALYSIS

Crude Protein, Not less than                          12.00%

Crude Fat, Not less than                               5.00%

Crude Fiber, Not more than                           15.00%

Calcium, Not less than                                   .75%

Calcium, Not more than                                 1.00%

Salt, Not less than                                     1.00%

Salt, Not more than                                    1.50%

Phosphorus, Not less than                                .30%

Selenium, Not less than                                  .60 ppm

Vitamin A, Not less than                              4,500 I.U./lb


Grain  Products , Roughage  Products  (18%) ,Plant Protein Products,Grain

By-Products, Calcium  Carbonate, Monocalcium   Phosphate,Salt , Ferrous

Carbonate ,Ferrous  Sulfate, Manganese  Sulfate, Manganous Oxide, Zinc

Sulfate ,Zinc  Oxide, Copper  Sulfate, Copper  Oxide,  Cobalt Carbonate

Cobalt  Sulfate ,Sodium   Selenite,  Vitamin A Supplement,  Vitamin  D3

Supplement,  Zinc   Amino  Acid  Complex,  Copper  Amino Acid  Complex

Manganese Amino Acid Complex,Vitamin E Supplement,and Ethylenediamine

Dihydriodide and Vegetable Fat.


FEEDING  DIRECTIONS: Feed  free  choice or controlled to roping calves

and feeder calves held in confinement.Feed in conjunction with good quality

hay. Always provide a source of fresh clean water. 


                   Net Weight 50 lbs. (22.6 kg) or bulk

                           Manufactured By:   

             West Feeds, Inc. P.O. Box 474, West, Texas