For Lactating Dairy Cattle, Dairy Replacement

                                Heifers and Beef Cattle on Pasture

      GUARANTEED ANALYSIS             
Calcium, not less than                                                          14.00%

Calcium, not more than                                                                      16.00%

Phosphorus, not less than                                                                    7.00%

Salt, not less than                                                                                 21.00%

Salt, not more than                                                                               23.00%

Magnesium, not less than                                                                     1.00%

Zinc, not less than                                                                              3200.00 ppm

Manganese, not less than                                                                  1800.00 ppm

Copper, not less than                                                                        1100.00 ppm

Iodine, not less than                                                                            110.00 ppm

Selenium, not less than                                                                         27.00 ppm

Vitamin A, not less than                                                             300,000.00 IU/lb

Vitamin D, not less than                                                               30,000.00 IU/lb

Vitamin E, not less than                                                                      300.00 IU/lb



Salt , Calcium  Carbonate ,  Monocalcium  Phosphate  ,Potassium   Chloride

Plant  Protein Products, Dried Molasses, Vegetable Fat  ,Ferrous  Carbonate

Ferrous   Sulfate,  Magnesium  Oxide,   Magnesium  Mica,  Sodium  Selenite

Copper   Sulfate ,   Copper Oxide , Manganous  Oxide ,  Manganese  Sulfate

Zinc    Oxide ,   Zinc    Sulfate ,  Ethylenediamine     Dihydriodide  ,    Cobalt

Carbonate,  Vitamin  A  Supplement   Vitamin  D   Supplement ,  Vitamin  E 

Supplement,   Zinc  Amino  Acid  Complex,  Copper  Amino  Acid  Complex,

Manganese   Amino   Acid   Complex,  Cobalt  Glucoheptonate and , Natural

and  Artificial Flavors.


FEEDING DIRECTIONS: Feed  free  choice  to  all  kinds  of cattle. Provide

plenty of  fresh  clean  water. Average  consumption  should  not exceed 4.00

ounces  per  head per day so  that  the  intake  of  selenium  does  not  exceed

the  legal  maximum  of  3 mg. per  head  per day. Do  not   mix  with  salt  or 

feed   additional salt.


WARNING:  This  product   contains   elevated  levels  of copper. Do not allow

sheep access to this product at any time.


                          Net Weight 50 lbs. (22.7 kg.)


                     West Feeds, Inc.  P.O. Box 474, West, Texas 76691