Update - 6/12/2012


Sunglo Feed manufactures a variety of show foods.  We are proud to be a distributor for their products.   



The New Horizon line of show feeds has been formulated and manufactured utilizing the most modern ingredients and technology available. We offer an array of feeds for Lambs, Cattle, Pigs, Goats, and Rabbits.


New Horizon-Show Calf Starter (HC-40)

An excellent feed designed to start and develop young stock. This feed is formulated to enhance proper skeletal development and soundness through the early stages of the calf’s life. Like all New Horizon Show Feeds, probiotics, yeast culture, enzymes, chelated trace minerals and sodium bicarbonate have been added to aid in the proper development and growth of calves.


New Horizon-Show Calf Finisher (Super HC-60)

New Horizon Show Calf Grower/Finisher will continue to develop skeletal growth, soundness and muscle. Grower finisher will slow fat deposition, while increasing cutability. All New Horizon feeds have high quality protein, probiotics, yeast cultures, enzymes, chelated trace minerals and sodium bicarbonate to help large frame animals reach their potential. You hunt for the best quality animal you can find, why not try New Horizon feeds to compliment your search and give that animal a chance to meet it’s potential.


New Horizon "Terminator" Show Goat Feed

A 17% protein, pelleted feed for starting, growing, and finishing show goats. It contains the proper balance of nutrients in richly available forms to obtain optimum growth and muscle development. Lysine is added to meet the highest standard of growth and muscle development. Yeast culture and aspergillus oryzae fermentation extract are added to promote rumen health and to aid in keeping goats on feed. Rumensin® is included in the ration to further enhance feed utilization and weight gain. Ammonium chloride is formulated into the ration at a high rate to reduce or eliminate the incidence of urinary calculi in male goats.

New Horizon 18% Rabbit Feed

This New Horizon feed contains yeast culture, biological and chelated trace minerals to insure maximum growth and condition while minimizing the possibility of digestive upsets.



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