Update - 6/13/2012

Six Star Poultry Feeds 

Chick Starter/Grower:  a 17 % protein, non-medicated feed for chicks from day 1 until about 10 weeks old.  Available in 25 and 50 lb. sacks.

Lay Crumbles:  A 25% protein to feed free choice or mix with Hen Scratch.  A source of calcium is recommended with this feed.  Available in 25 and 50 lb. sacks.

Lay Pellets:  A 25% protein to feed free choice or mix with Hen Scratch.  A source of calcium is recommended with this feed.  Available in 25 and 50 lb. sacks.

West Turkey and Game Bird:  A 28% protein feed for turkey and game bird chicks from 1-13 weeks old.  Available in 50 lb. sacks.

Hen Scratch: Grain Mixture (Chopped Corn and Milo) for Poultry. Consist of 8.5% protein and 2% fat. Feed Free choice as a source of grain to chickens. Available in 25 and 50 lb. bags.

Game Rooster: Designed to be fed to developing Game Birds. It is a 16% protein and a 3.5% Fat. Feed free choice or limit it as a developing and condition ration. Available in 50 lb. bags.

Sunflower Scratch: With Chopped Corn, Milo, and Black Oil Sunflower Seeds makes this feed appetizing for many types of birds. With a low protein of 8.5% and a 2% fat this feed can be fed choice as a grain source. Available in 50 lb bags.

Big Star Cattle Feeds 

Special Dairy: A 16% Textured ration for lactating dairy cattle.  

16% and 18% Dairy Pellets: For lactating dairy cattle  

Cowboy Cubes: A 20% cube for beef cattle on pasture. Available in 7/8” and 3/8” 

Calf Creep: A 14% economy pellet for growth promotion and feed efficiency 

West-Tex Creep: A 14% pellet with Bovatec® for control of coccidiosis and improved feed efficiency  

West Creep Pasture: A 16% Pellet with Bovatec® for increased feed efficiency and growth promotion 

Range Meal 3-1 Mix: A 14% all natural protein salt limiter for breeder cattle on range

Big Star Calf Feed

West “Herd Starter”Textured: An 18% premium calf starter with Deccoquinate for prevention of coccidiosis    

Calf Starter Pellets: An 18% pellet with chlortetracycline to aid in prevention of bacterial calf diarrhea 

Beef Builder: An 11.5% protein textured feed for show and creep feeding calves.  Ideal for “freezer calves”. 

West Receiving Ration: a 14% medicated ration for weaned cattle in confinement. For the prevention and treatment of the early stages of shipping fever.  

“Centex Roper Raton”: A 12% crude protein, 5% fat high energy diet medicated with CTC and Bovatec for feeding of roping steers and other calves held in confinement 


All Star Swine Feeds

Pig Starter: An 18% medicated feed for the maintenance of weight gain 

Pig Grower: A 16% ration for grower pigs weighing 50 to 135 pounds 

Pig Finisher: A 14% ration for finishing pigs for market 

All in One Hog Feed: A 15% pellet for growing pigs weighing 50 to 140 pounds 

Swine Supplement: A 40% meal to be mixed with grain for growing and finishing pigs weighing 50 to 240 pounds.  

Six Star Grain Products

Triple Cleaned Corn

Corn Chops

Steam Rolled Corn

Triple Cleaned Milo

Race Horse Oats

Steam Rolled Oats

Wheat Bran

Rice Bran

Pro Star Horse Feeds 

Pro Star 10%, 12% and 14%: Pellets for the maintenance of all horses. 

Pro-Formance 14%:  A high energy textured ration for the active horses that prefer a textured feed. 

Mare and Colt 16%: Textured for the maintenance and growth of mares and colts. Higher protein levels for increased milk production by mares.  

Pro-Vide 10%: With a 6% fat content this textured ration is perfect for the horse needing a high level of energy but limited protein. 

Special Horse: A 9% Textured feed for the maintenance of mature horses 

Stretch Horse: A 14% protein, 6% fat, pellet for the very active horse. 

Pro-Care Senior Select : A 14% pellet formulated specifically with the older horse in mind. High quality protein, grain and roughage sources, complimented by chelated trace minerals and heavily fortified with vitamins, probiotics and yeast products make this the perfect feed for the horse whose system has become less efficient with age.  


WEST 12/8:  A 12% crude protein, 8% fat pelleted feed for the active horse.  

Good ‘N Sound: This low starch pelleted feed is perfect for the horse that needs a low starch diet. Starches are reduced dramatically, fiber increased and vegetable fat added to increase the caloric content. The perfect feed for “hard keepers”.   


West “Stablemate” A 10% protein 6% fat, pelleted feed for horses with high energy needs but being fed high quality forage.  


Blocks and Minerals  

West Supreme Dairy Mineral: For lactating dairy cattle.  

West Supreme Dry Cow Mineral: For non-lactating dairy cattle 

12-12-12 Mineral: Hi quality all around beef cow mineral 

10% Hi Mag Mineral: For beef cattle on pasture 

“Mighty Goat” Mineral: A top of the line granular mineral formulated to meet the needs of both meat and dairy goats.  

West All Season Mineral. A high quality year round mineral with a 2:1 Calcium:Phos ratio and chelated trace minerals make this our top of the line mineral.  


West IGR Mineral and Blocks: The preferred mineral during warm weather continuing Altosid® IGR (Insect Growth Restrictor) a pass thru product that remains in the manure and inhibits the development of fly larvae 

5 Star Cattle, Sheep, and Goat Blocks: A 37% protein block for cattle, sheep and goats on pasture 

Horse Block: A 20% protein feed supplement for growing and mature horses 

Deer Block: An 18% protein apple flavored free choice supplement for wild deer 

Sheep Block: A 20% protein block for sheep on pasture 

Hi-Mag Mineral Block: A 10% magnesium block for beef cattle on pasture 

12-12-12 Mineral Block: Vitamin and mineral supplementation for all classes of cattle 

Trace Mineral, Sulfur and White salt blocks, bricks and bagged stock /mixing salt 

MVP 30% Cooked Molasses Tubs (125 lb. and 200 lb)  

West 30% Natural Protein “Cooked Tub” with IGR 

Gold Star Pet and Rabbit Feeds 

Gold Star 21% Dog Food

Gold Star 27% Dog Food

Gold Star Cat Food

Sport Mix Line of Dog Foods

Rabbit Pellets: A complete feed for does, bucks and litters

Milk Products 

Milk Replacer 24-20: Available in 25 and 50 pound bags with Bovatec® 

Multi Max Pellets: A 28% protein feed designed for top dressing feeds for horses, cattle, swine and goats.


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