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West Feeds' Frequently Asked Questions

West Feeds' Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers to Your Questions About West Feeds Livestock and Animal Feeds

Looking for answers to your questions about West Feeds animal and livestock feed products and where to purchase them?  Explore our FAQs below for answers to our most common questions.  If you do not see an answer to your question, please use the form on our Contact Us page to submit your question and a member of our highly-trained staff will respond promptly.

General FAQs

Where can I buy West Feed animal feed products?

The West Feeds livestock, animal and pet feed product lines are available in our West, TX store at 107 South Roberts St., West, Texas 76691, and from our extensive network of dealers as well as a number farm and ranch supply stores throughout Texas.  Click here to find a dealer near you.

Where do you purchase your grain for your animal and livestock feeds?

Corn and milo are sourced from local farmers.

How can I check the freshness of my feed product?

Every West Feeds bag carries a “produced on date” that will indicate when the feed was manufactured as well as a “best used by date”.

What is the average shelf life of livestock or animal feed?

When stored properly in cool, dry conditions, livestock and animal feed can last up to 6 months from the manufactured date.  However, we recommend for the greatest palatability that pelleted feed be consumed within 60 days during the hotter months and 90 days during the cooler months; and textured feed be consumed within 45 days in the hotter months and 60 days in the cooler months.  

What should I do if my newly purchased feed product is moldy or expired before the freshness date?

Please contact your dealer within 30 days of purchase of the bag for a replacement or contact West Feeds directly at (254) 826-5301.

What should I do if my local dealer does not carry a West Feeds product I need?

Ask your local dealer to become a West Feeds dealer. Click here for the link to become a West Feeds dealer.

How far will you ship/deliver animal feeds in Texas?

We ship within approximately a 200-mile radius of our centrally located West, Texas feed mill and ranch supply store. Our network of area livestock feed dealers provides extensive reach throughout the state to purchase West Feeds products.

Where should I call if I have specific questions about a product?

For any and all inquiries, please call our West Feeds office at (254) 826-5301.

Product Specific FAQs

What is the difference in Cowboy Cubes and Rustler Cubes?

Cowboy Cubes have an extra vitamin pack and has less fiber than our Rustler Cubes. Both products are all natural with 20% protein.

Is La Cuesta a Pellet or Textured feed?

La Cuesta is a milking goat pellet. All our goat feeds are pelleted.

Are West Feeds Poultry Feeds medicated?

None of our poultry feeds are medicated.

Is West Feeds a non-GMO manufacturer?

No, our livestock and animal feed products are not non-GMO. We do source all grains locally.

Does the Sheep and Lamb Feed contain copper?

No, there is no added copper to the Sheep and Lamb Feed.

Are West Feeds' horse feeds enriched with minerals and probiotics?

Our West Feeds Stretch Horse Pellets is a textured, fixed formula horse feed blender pellet with added chelated minerals. Our top of the line products include elevated levels of vitamins and minerals including "B" vitamins, added fat to increase energy contest and "Fixed" formulas. The products are also sprayed with fat to enhance the anise flavor.



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