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Premium Horse Feeds You Can Trust to Deliver Optimal Performance

Our Horse Feeds

We know our horse owners always want top results from their horses. Developing a high-quality horse requires a nutritional platform that positively influences both health and performance. Utilizing only premium ingredients, our feeds maximize the perfect daily balance of nutrients ensuring the highest levels of performance in competition or pleasure riding. Our equine feeds are packed with chelated minerals, yeast products and elevated levels of vitamins to maintain the health of your horse. You’ll also find our equine feeds are double cleaned and sprayed with 99% soybean oil to reduce fines so you know your horses are receiving only the best nutritional value.

The primary ingredients in most horse feeds use soybean meal as the source of protein as it is a higher quality protein, more completely utilized by the horse and higher in protein and energy. Additionally, wheat midds, rice bran, soybean hulls, and roughage products are utilized in our equine feeds along with Amaferm and the inclusion of “B” Vitamins, which cattle feeds do not contain.


12/8 Horse Pellets

This pelleted feed is perfect for the very active horse especially for the barrel, cutting or roping horse. Very high in digestible energy provided by premium ingredients and added high quality soybean oil, this feed gives your horse that “cool”, long lasting energy for a full day of activity. Minerals are perfectly balanced using amino acid complexes, the most highly biodegradable chelated minerals available for your horses. Four different strains of yeast cultures are included in the formulation for improved gut health by improving the environment within the gut for the growth of beneficial bacteria and enzymes which improve digestion.


Dry Mix

A dry mix of oats, corn and Alfalfa Pellets, sprayed with soybean oil that may be fed to all classes of livestock.


Horse & Mule

A 10% least cost formulation for maintenance only. Recommended for horses that get very little exercise and often used to keep a horse coming up to the barn for a “treat”.


Pro-Care Senior Select

This super high quality, 3/16″ pelleted feed has 14% crude protein and 6% crude fat and is perfect for older horses. Sprayed with molasses and soybean oil after pelletizing to somewhat soften the pellet helps make this feed easier to eat and digest. Pro-Care Senior Select contains soybean meal, rice bran, wheat midds, alfalfa and high levels of all vitamins, chelated minerals, yeast products and AMAFERM all promoting improved digestion and gut health.


West Feeds Good 'N Sound bag

Good ’N Sound

Perfect for horses with sensitive stomachs, older horses, under conditioned horses and horses which tend to colic and founder. As a very digestible feed, it contains chelated minerals, yeast products and AMAFERM which help improve digestion and gut health. It is also high in energy from added soybean oil. This 3/16″ pelleted feed is a low starch horse feed with 14% crude protein, 7% crude fat and contains NO grain.


Stretch Horse Pellets

A 14% protein, 6% fat 3/16” pelleted feed very high in energy and TDN (Total Digestible Nutrients). This feed contains a lot of corn, added fat and chelated minerals in the form of amino acid complexes, which are organic minerals that are much more biodegradable in the gut than minerals in the form of oxides and sulfates. It is also sprayed with soybean oil for added fat and dust control.



As a 12% crude protein, 6% fat textured feed comprised of chopped corn, oats, a 26% protein pellet and added fat, this feed is very high in energy and is ideal for active horses, but offers a smaller amount of protein than Pro-Formance 14%.


Pro-Formance 14%

A 14% crude protein, 6% fat textured feed comprised of chopped corn, oats, a 26% protein pellet and added fat. Pro-Formance is exceptionally high in energy and recommended for very active horses.


Pro-Vide 10%

A 10% crude protein, 5% fat textured feed comprised of chopped corn, oats, a high fiber pellet and a 26% protein pellet along with molasses. This is a high-energy horse feed and works well for active horses that are getting additional protein from a source such as alfalfa, which is high in protein and highly digestible.


Pro Star 10% Pellets

This 3/16” pellet is a higher quality equine feed with more grain and an elevated level of crude fat from soybean oil that provides additional energy.


Pro Star 14% Pellets

A 14% crude protein pelleted horse feed for the young but lightly used horse. This feed provides adequate protein for continued growth, yet is not so high in calories as to create potential problems for your horse. The higher crude protein utilizing highly digestible roughage products as well as low starch grain by-products insures that your horse will not suffer from “starch overload”. Soybean oil is added to this feed for a bit more energy and like all of our feeds it is fully fortified with needed vitamins and minerals to ensure your horse has a balanced ration. This feed should be fed in conjunction with high quality hay and grazing.


Pro Star 12% Pellets

A 12% crude protein pelleted horse feed perfect for your “best friend” type of horse; one that is inactive, seldom ridden or ridden lightly and for short periods of time. This feed is fully fortified with vitamins and minerals, has a moderate level of digestible energy and high in fiber for a more mellow, yet highly digestible ration for your horse. Always feed in conjunction with high quality hay and good grazing.


NOTE: Corn is the primary energy source in most feeds although all ingredients have varying levels of energy. In horse feeds the trend is to use vegetable fat and move away from using excessive corn as the energy source due to the potential problems for colic and founder. Corn will give a horse a lot of energy but will be a nervous energy often causing the horse to be jumpy and nervous and jump out from under you. Vegetable fat does not cause this hyper energy and it will stay in the horse’s system longer, making for a faster recovery after a hard workout. Vegetable fat contains about 4 times the energy of corn, however it has no protein. A pure energy source.

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